Our Hand Made Vietnamese Products

One of our newest ranges is our 50% silk, 50% viscose products which have been handmade in weaving communities in Vietnam, using methods that have been passed down through generations.

The 50% silk fabric is hand woven, given a less smooth but interesting appearance.

Goods are then made up by families as a cottage industry. Many of these families make their money from the rice crops and produce clothing to supplement the family income.

The classic and time honoured techniques used in producing these hand woven products create an organic, rustic look that represents the traditionalism of these communities and the clothes they produce. As these products are hand made there are sometimes slight variations between the colours or tones of the products.

Each individual garment has slight variations in the weave producing a piece with a distinctive and unique character.

This range gives The House of Silk not only an alternative range to offer our customers in our aim to provide silk clothing to suit all budgets, but also helps these small communities in Vietnam.

Clothing from this range is described on The House of Silk Website as ‘silk mix’ and are in most nightwear and underwear categories.

Please get in touch if you have any comments on this range.